Home Makeover is the first Despicable Me short film released on December 14, 2010. The plot revolves around Miss Hattie's Home for Girls sending someone round to make sure that Gru's house is fit for children.

The short was released as a part of Minion Madness and as a bonus feature on the Despicable Me Blu-ray. It was followed by Orientation Day and then Banana.


The three little girls enlist the help of the Minions to clean up Gru’s house before a social worker makes an unexpected visit to check on the house’s suitability for kids. As you might imagine, a super villain’s house is hardly the place for children, but the solutions the girls come up with are hilarious: placing tennis balls over the spikes in the coffin, putting a clown nose on the dining room skull, and painting the walls pink with a paint-filled bazooka, among other things. Unfortunately, when Gru returns he’s not exactly happy with the results, but that’s to be expected considering they made it all “girly.”


  • If one looks closely at the social worker's report, he/she can see a note saying that "The adoptive parent is a little strange-looking. He has a big yellow head and short legs. Poor guy."
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