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=== Opening Credits: ===
Universal Pictures
a Chris Meledandri
Dr. Seuss'
The Grinch
=== Closing Credits: ===
Directed by:
* Scott Mosier
* Yarrow Cheney
Produced by:
* Chris Meledandri, p.g.a.
* Janet Healy, p.g.a.
Screenplay by:
* Michael LeSieur
* Tommy Swerdlow
Based upon the book How the Grinch Stole Christmas by:
* Dr. Seuss
* Benedict Cumberbatch
* Rashida Jones
* Kenan Thompson
* Cameron Seely
* with Angela Lansbury
* and Pharrell Williams
Edited by:
* Chris Cartagena
Executive Producers:
* Audrey Geisel
* Latifa Ouaou
* Chris Renaud
Music by:
* Danny Elfman
Art Director:
* Colin Stimpson
Character Designers:
* Yarrow Cheney
* Eric Guillon
* Colin Stimpson
Computer Graphics Supervisors:
* Bruno Chauffard
* Laurent de la Chapelle
* Fabien Polack
Production Manager:
* Frederic Simonot
Associate Producer:
* Robert Taylor
Production Supervisor:
* Delphine Le Roch
Animation Directors:
* Pierre Leduc
* Jonathan del Val
* Christophe Delisle
Head of Story:
* Mark O'Hare
Post-Production Supervisor:
* Jeannine Berger
Character Animation and Computer Graphics by:
* Illumination Mac Guff
Additonal Editors:
* Ken Schretzmann, ACE
* John Carnochan, ACE

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