The Secret Life of Pets Edit

The Secret Life of Pets is a American computer animated flim , it was released in June 16 2016 at France , and June 24th in the UK and July 8th in the US of that same year by Universal Pictures , it starring Louis C.K , Eric Stonestreet , Kevin Hart , Jenny Slate , Lake Bell ,Bobby Moynihan ,Dana Carvey , Hannibal Buress , and Albert Brooks.

Plot Edit

A terrier named Max loved his owner, Katie , and have the best life until one day , His owner brought a dog named Duke from the pound , Max tries to get rid of Duke by framing him for the mess , this Caused Duke to be mad at Max , and tries to abandoned Max at the alley , at the alley , Max , and Duke were attacked by Alley Cats ,The Alley Cats steal their collars which caused the Animal Control to captured both of them , luckly , they rescue by a bunny named Snowball , later Gidget tries to found Max , and meet Tiberius , Tiberius caught Ozone from the alley , and tells Him Where Max is , during that , Max , and Duke were going to be marked by a giant snake named Viper , then the Cats come , and tell Snowball that Max , and Duke are actually pets , Snowball tells the Flushed Pets to get them both but failed when Max , and Duke got away , this caused Snowball to have a evil plan to catch Max , and Duke , in meattime , Max , and Duke eat sausages , after that Duke tells Max that he has a owner named Fred , then the Animal Control , after that , they went to Fred's House which is now owned by a new family , this caused Duke think that Max brings him to the house to get rid of him , then Duke was caputure , Max teams up with Snowball to rescue Duke , Tattoo , Ripper , and Dragon , after that , all of the animals go back to their home.

Production Edit

The flim was announce in 2012 , it was originally going to be released in 2015 but was changed to 2016.

Cast Edit

Louis C.K as Max, a terrier who loved his owner, Katie , and who later be friends with Duke

Eric Stonestreet as Duke , A Brown Dog who is Max's Brother

Kevin Hart as Snowball , a bunny who is the fomer leader of The Flushed Pets

Jenny Slate as Gidget , a white pomeranian who is love with Max

Booby Moynihan as Mel , a pug who thinks squirrels could take over the world

Lake Bell as Chole , a tabby cat who lives below of Max's apartment

Hannibal Buress as Buddy , a black dachshund

Chris Renaud as Norman , a guinea pig who keep getting lost while finding as apartment

Tara Strong as Sweetpea , a budgie who loves to play video games

Dana Carvey as Pops , a basset hound who is now old

Albert Brooks as Tiberius , a red tailed hawk who late be friends with Gidget

Steve Coogan as Ozone , a Sphynx cat who is the leader of the Alley Cats , and one of the Flushed Pets , and Reginald

Micheal Beattie as Tattoo , a Big , and Tattooed pig who is one of the Flushed Pets

Brian T. Delaney as Dragon ,Peanut , and Sea Monkeys

John DiMaggio as Ripper , a Muzzle Dog { uncredited }

Frank Welker as Viper , a Big Red Snake who is one of the Flushed Pets { uncredited }

Ellie Kemper as Katie , Max , and Duke's Owner

Sandra Echeverria as Maria, a telenovela character

Jamie Camil as Fernando , a telenovela character

Laraine Newman as Chole's Owner

Mona Marshall as one of Gidget's Owners

Kevin Micheal Richardson as Fred , Dukes's previous owner { uncredited }

Kiely Renaud as Molly, a girl who adopts Snowball

Additional Voices Edit

Jim Cummings - Derick

Bill Farmer - Nitro

Ken Shrentzmann - Gino's Owners

Bob Bergen - Shelly , and Mel's Owner

Jess Harnell - Papillon , Sausages , and one of Gidget's Owners

Jab Rabson - J.Menard

Jim Ward - Password Snakes , and Sweetpea's Owner

John Kassir - D. Fourrage , and Leonard's Owner

Danny Mann - Pepe's Owner

Tyler Werrin - The Golden Retriever , and Password Snakes

Triva Edit

  • The plot is very simliar to the first Toy Story Movie.
  • This is Micheal Beattie's 4th Illumination flim , the first is Lorax , the second is Despicable Me 2 , and the thrid is Minions.
  • Albert Brooks { the voice of Tiberius } is friends with Louis C.K { the voice of the Max }.
  • This is the second movie where Kevin Hart plays as a Villian , the first one is Fool's Gold.
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